What the Heck is Walken on Sunshine??


We're glad you asked...WALKEN ON SUNSHINE is a fast-paced comedic play about an anxiety ridden filmmaker, Gavin, who in the heat of the moment accidentally lies to investors about having Christopher Walken in his film!





We follow Gavin and his filmmaking team: Quinn, Gavin's confident brother and lifelong creative partner; Rosie, the waggish screenwriter; P.A., the mute intern; Dante, their short, ego-driven lead actor; and Jenny, Gavin's quirky love interest from his day job.

Gavin and his filmmaking team find themselves in ridiculous situations as they search for Walken in order to secure their investment. Conflict arises when the investment company hires a project manager, Mr. Donaldson, who suspects deception from the team and becomes determined to destroy    the film and expose the Walken lie! Along the way, Gavin learns about love, family and dealing with his anxietyand comes to understand that finding Christopher Walken may not be as important as finding the "Walken" that's inside him... and inside all of us.

Will Christopher Walken make it into the gang's film? 

Will WE ever find Christopher Walken???